If you enjoy your photography as much as I do, why not join me in one of our workshops or if you prefer in a one on one personalised tutorial at your convenience.

At the moment I am offering 3 different workshops.

Digital Photography made EASY workshop.

This workshop is designed for people starting out in photography with a limited understanding of the techniques involved in getting great photographs. It covers all aspects of how the camera works and discusses a range of popular subjects which most people like to photograph. We also look at the digital side of photography and discuss the different types of files and how to handle them. This is a easy to understand workshop for people who just want to improve their general photograph skills.


Nature photography Workshop.

After spending most of my life in the great Australian bush it is now my turn to help other people to photograph and enjoy the vast array of flora and fauna that is available in the Australian outdoors. After running through the basics of photography from a technical point of view the fun begins. A licensed animal handler will bring a number of different lizards, birds, snakes and other Aussie wildlife in for you to get up close and personal with to have fun photographing. These animals are not the normal wildlife you would see around your home. They are selected by the handler to show participants different animals that they may not have ever seen before. Participants in the past have enjoyed this experience immensely. As a bonus you get some great photos of some very unusual wildlife.


Digital photography for small business

This workshop is a short 4 hour session. If you are the person in a business responsible for taking photos at important times in the life of that business.

We look at how you can take photos for a newspaper article and what a newspaper needs for that photo to be published.

How to take a simple headshot or a group photo, presentation photos or how to take that important photo when a VIP visits your business. Taking photos of products for use on web sites or just simple photos for web sites is not difficult if you follow a few easy to understand rules. You don't need really sophisticated cameras to take these photos. We will also discuss how to handle and store your digital files for use later on.