Digital photography for small business

This workshop is designed to be a simple 4 hour event to give the people within businesses who are responsible for taking photos a quick and easy to understand guide to photography, the camera and how to shoot various subjects simply, easily and confidently with the most basic of camera equipment. By following some easy to understand rules you will be able to take photos that local newspapers will accept, in house publications will have better quality photos and on line image quality will improve.

  • What ISO to use
  • What Aperture to use
  • The correct shutter speed
  • Getting the correct exposure
  • Focus
  • The MODE's on your cameras
  • Composition
  • White balance
  • What lens to use for what subject
  • File types, J-peg, Tiff, RAW etc.
  • Do you need software to handle digital files.
  • How to store digital files
  • Backgrounds, what to use and what not to use
  • How to photograph a simple headshot & group photo.
  • Photos for media use. What does the media need?
  • Photos for your web sites or other sites such as eBay etc
  • How to photograph a building inside and out day or night.
  • How to photograph events.
  • Photo cropping.
  • Photographing VIP's to your business.
  • And much more.


Price is $71.50 per person

( Minimum of 8 people for this workshop)




Payment for Digital photography for small business

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