Town Cryer Ipswich QldHISTORY
Born in Morwell Victoria in 1952, my career began in 1970 seeing me complete my apprenticeship as a photographer and darkroom technician with Gippsland Photographics in Morwell.

I have done the hard yards over the years hand printing black  and white photos in a traditional darkroom,  growing with technology as it became available  with colour photography, colour transparencies in all file formats and have been using the latest digital technology for some eight years now.  With all the latest technology, I also am one of the last suppliers able to shoot traditional colour slides, transparencies, colour negative material and traditional hand printed black and white prints.

I have shot in excess of 450,000 assignments over my 40 year career, which is testament to my love of photography.  
The people and places I’ve shot over the years include the Queen, the Pope, the Dali Lama, numerous celebrities and sporting personalities.  Many of these while I was at the Courier Mail, Sunday Mail and as Chief Photographer for the Queensland Times for 11 years.